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Omega Walnuts, a family owned business between the Williams and Foulds families, is located in the fertile areas of Manjimup and Nannup in Southern Forests and Valleys region of Western Australia.

The orchard in Nannup is where the Omega Walnuts story began for the David and Noellene Williams. The property served as an ideal country retreat and hobby farm for the Williams family. After extensively researching exactly what to grow on the property, David Williams came across walnuts and the studies that were being conducted on various health benefits associated with them. After realising the enormous potential of walnuts, they planted their first trees in 2002. Over the years they have expanded their knowledge, plantings, and land holdings (acquiring the Manjimup farm in 2009), slowly evolving the property into the beautiful green hilled orchard it is today.

With more than 20,000 trees on their Manjimup property alone, Omega Walnuts is now one of the largest orchards and production centres in Australia, offering both organic and conventional walnuts grown in their 64-hectare orchards. With a strong commitment to quality and freshness, Omega Walnuts cultivates and processes walnuts of the highest standards. The harvesting process involves drying and sizing the nuts which are then cracked, packed, and stored in refrigerated cool rooms at their production centre, also in Manjimup. Their unique approach to walnut processing ensures the preservation of delicate omega oils, resulting in a truly fresh, crunchy, sweet, and creamy nut. Say goodbye to those rancid walnuts from California!

David and Noellene, possess a genuine passion for the environment. As the largest organic walnut orchard in the country, with 35 hectares across two properties, they hold certification from Australian Certified Organic Ltd., showcasing their unwavering dedication to producing organic walnuts. They are acutely aware of the impact their farming practices can have on the environment, and as such, they employ organic techniques that prioritise soil health and the overall quality of the nuts. By maintaining this harmonious balance, Omega Walnuts successfully combines their commitment to environmental consciousness with the production of exceptional organic walnuts.

The favourable latitude of Manjimup and Nannup is comparable to renowned walnut-growing areas in the Northern Hemisphere, such as California, France, Italy, Iran, and Turkey. Recognising the importance of nurturing the soil and employing meticulous tree husbandry, Omega Walnuts understands that the best quality walnuts can only be achieved through careful attention to detail. Regular leaf and soil tests are conducted to ensure that the correct inputs are provided to give their trees the nutrients they need for optimum health.

As one of the oldest foods known to mankind, walnuts possess exceptional nutritional properties, including excellent ratios of Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils. Omega Walnuts endeavours to preserve the protective pellicle of the kernel, which houses these delicate and beneficial oils, through their unique cracking process, aiming to minimize damage and retain the valuable oils. These Omega antioxidant oils have well-documented benefits for heart health, brain function, and overall well-being. Omega Walnuts has garnered recognition for their commitment to excellence, having won the prestigious WA Delicious Award twice. This accolade is a testament to the exceptional quality and taste of their products.

In addition to their fresh walnut offerings, Omega Walnuts plans to produce a walnut oil in the second half of 2023. Walnuts boast an impressive 76% oil content which is extremely delicate and retains the nuts nutritional value. David and Noellene are excited to be working with the Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia in the Peel region to help establish nut oil extraction for not only themselves but other WA nut producers. This exciting endeavour involves a collaborative project with the WA Government and Murdoch University, showcasing their commitment to innovation and the advancement of the food industry.

As a trusted source of premium walnuts, Omega Walnuts strives to enhance the well-being of their customers and continues to be a leader in the industry. If there’s one take away Noellene would like customers to know, it’s to store your walnuts in the fridge – you will preserve the goodness, keeping the health properties, taste, and freshness. Follow Omega Walnuts on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.


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