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The Southern Forests Food Council's key objective is to promote the region and its wonderful local produce through product identification using the Genuinely Southern Forests brand.


A critical part is working with retailers to inform and educate consumers on the fantastic quality and diversity of the produce from the great region. More than ever, consumers are keen to know where their food comes from, and that farmers care about how they produce that food.

The Food Council are pleased to be working with some of Perth's leading independent greengrocers in promoting the Genuinely Southern Forests brand, seasonal fresh produce and the unique Western Australian region.  Together ensuring customers get the opportunity to experience the exceptional taste and goodness of the Southern Forests.



An exciting schedule of in-store activities will commence in March and run through until June ensuring a genuine taste experience while maximising retail and brand exposure, and truly connecting consumers to the region.


Consumers will have the opportunity to sample, purchase and learn more about Southern Forests growers and the community behind their produce.

In addition to our usual retail activations and activity we are also partnering with some of Perth's leading influencers to add a little flair and flavour to the campaign. be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels to see what we are up to!


Visit these participating greengrocers today for your own Genuine Taste Experience. 



Expressions of interest welcomed for future campaigns.

Drop us a line!

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