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A creative partnership has been forged in the beautiful Southern Forests region to unite our premium food and arts offerings through a series of curated tours.

In this gorgeous, pristine part of the world, something magical is going on. Maybe it’s the clear, crisp air...or the inspirational beauty of the landscape? Truth is no one knows for sure. But what we do know is this: Every time you bite into an apple, are tempted by a truffle or discover an exceptional artwork produced by skilled and passionate producers of the Southern Forests region of Western Australia, you’ll be left in no doubt that you’ve found your own genuinely extraordinary experience.

Genuinely Extraordinary Southern Forests Food & Art Experience will run from April to October and will include premium seasonal offerings such as truffle, wine, honey, apples, feijoas, marron and more. Visitors will be able to explore fields and orchards, connect with local artists in their studios, enjoy guided walks through Australia’s leading nature and art trail - Understory Art & Nature Trail, and even participate in a creative workshop while feasting on local culinary delights.

We can provide customised itineraries for groups of 10-20 people in an all-inclusive tour, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to meet our genuine down-to-earth farmers and exceptional artists in the pristine Southern Forests and Valleys.

Home to over 50 different types of fruits and vegetables, truffles, nuts, wine, gourmet products, beef, sheep, pork and dairy farms, world leading art and nature trails, galleries and studios, as well as extraordinary cultural and culinary experiences, why not ignite your senses and join us for your own genuinely extraordinary experience?

  • Each tour offers a customised seasonal itinerary of food and art experiences.

  • Meet genuine down-to-earth farmers and genuinely inspired artists.

  • Visit orchards, fields, trufferies, wineries, studios, galleries, and nature-based art walks in majestic forested landscapes.

  • Enjoy behind-the-scenes tours from local experts - learn how the local area nurtures creativity cultural while sustaining a diverse and prosperous food bowl.


Please contact our office on 08 9772 4180 or to find out more information about customising an itinerary or other upcoming tour opportunities.  


Our all-inclusive packages can include;

  • Motel accommodation

  • Transport within the region

  • Expert local representatives 

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinners featuring fresh local produce

  • Food, art, and nature experiences

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This project was made possible by the Australian Government's Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia. The Regional Arts Fund is designed to benefit regional and remote arts practitioners, arts workers, audiences, and communities. The program is managed nationally by Regional Arts Australia, and by Regional Arts WA in Western Australia.

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