The Southern Forests region is situated 300km from Perth in the beautiful south-west corner of Western Australia. 

The region begins just outside Manjimup, where agricultural land is dotted with magnificent karri trees. 

Further south is Pemberton where the forest is more established, with many karri trees well over 300 years old. 

Towards the coast lies the scenic town of Northcliffe surrounded by towering forests and rich coastal plains and wetlands. 

Further south is Walpole, which is set on the tranquil waters of the Walpole Inlet.


   Manjimup   |   Pemberton   |   Northcliffe   |   Walpole   


Nestled in hundreds of hectares of National Park, the town of Manjimup is the centre of a diverse, thriving fruit and vegetable industry. Local growers produce everything from avocados, cherries, plums and kiwi fruit to hazelnuts, broccoli and potatoes. It is renowned for the internationally famous Pink Lady apple and is home to world-class gourmet black truffles.

Every year Manjimup hosts the Cherry Harmony Festival in December to celebrate its magnificent cherry harvest. It includes a street festival, an evening concert, and the fine-dining cherry long table dinner, served in the picturesque surrounds of one of its lush cherry orchards.

Manjimup is also the home of the Truffle Kerfuffle – an annual celebration of the region’s magnificent truffles. Join in the festivities and be consumed by the heady aroma of truffles at their freshest; go hunting, taste your way through the Festival Village, meet farmers and growers, discover local wine and produce and indulge in truffle laden experiences with world class chefs. 


As well as unparalleled fresh farm produce, available from the farm gate and at the twice-monthly farmers market, the Manjimup area offers wine tasting, the popular Fonty’s Pool for relaxing and swimming and marron and trout fishing.

"Home of the internationally famous black truffle and Pink Lady apple."




Known as “Karri Country”, picturesque Pemberton is surrounded by the spectacular karri forests of Gloucester National Park. Its cool Mediterranean climate makes it not only ideal wine country but perfect for growing a diverse range of produce.

The area is truly a remarkable food bowl; from producing some of the world’s finest truffles, to Hass variety avocados, potatoes, berries and hazelnuts, sheep and beef cattle, the rich soil and temperate climate produces some of the finest foods available.

"Renowned for spectacular marron, potatoes, avocados and limes."





Home to one of Australia’s youngest and most exciting wine regions, Pemberton’s first commercial winery was established in 1982. With rich, loam soil, the area has more than 40 vineyards and almost 20 family-owned wineries, many of which offer cellar door tastings and in house beautiful restaurants serving fresh, local, gourmet food.

Lying on the Bibbulmun Track, Pemberton has abundant streams, rivers and dams, perfect for trout fishing and catching the local marron delicacy.


Set among a wealth of forests, rivers, sand dunes and coastlines, Northcliffe is renowned for its dairy industry, which produces some of the finest, cleanest milk in WA. True to the diversity the Southern Forests region is known for, Northcliffe is also home to wineries and local growers who produce olives and olive oil, berries, truffles and top-quality marron.

"Recognised as prime grazing land that produces magnificent beef and dairy cattle."






The Karri Country Good Food Shop, a community organisation run by volunteers, sells fresh, seasonal local produce from nearby growers, specialising in wholefoods and organics. A nature-tourism hotspot, Northcliffe also offers unbeatable fishing, whale-spotting, national parks and dunes.

The Understory – the first purpose-built walk trail in the country to permanently feature artworks – has works by national and international artists that reflect the essence of the Southern Forests region.


About an hour from Northcliffe, Walpole sits against the spectacular backdrop of tall trees and incredible coastal scenery. On the beautiful waters of Walpole Inlet and surrounded by 400-year-old tingle trees and the Southern Forests’ ubiquitous karri trees, Walpole is a haven for everything outdoors.

The area has a thriving dairy industry, as well as sheep and beef cattle, with its pristine natural environment making it perfect for agriculture. Local honey producers create honey and honey products in the most natural way possible, harvesting all the goodness from uncrowded hives. Thurlby Herb farm specialises in blending aromatic herbal concoctions, creating handmade soaps, aromatherapy products and gourmet gifts, much of which is sourced from its own land. The environment makes it the perfect breeding ground for native freshwater marron, with several producers in the area.

There is plenty of farmstay accommodation for visitors where they can truly indulge in nature, taking advantage of bushwalking, fishing, bird watching, kayaking, sailing, beach four wheel driving and visiting the spectacular Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk – a 600-metre walkway which rises 40 metres above the forest floor.

"Known for its honey and lush pastures that sustain livestock."







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