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The Southern Forests region is located in the beautiful South West corner of Western Australia and is home to over 50 different types of fruits and vegetables, truffles, nuts, wine, gourmet products, beef, sheep and dairy farms as well as extraordinary culinary experiences.


The rolling hills and forested valleys welcome you to the region with the towns of Greenbushes and Bridgetown, where industry and tourism mix to create a friendly and vibrant atmosphere (with boutique food offerings and celebrations of its cool climate with the annual Bridgetown in the Winter Festival).


If you follow the meandering roads through the forests and valleys to the west you will find the quaint historic town of Nannup, where gardens, craft, timber and agriculture create a welcoming community (with tasty treats such as sheep cheese, honey and chestnuts on offer alongside fruit orchards, beef and dairy cattle).


Heading back inland, the forests open up on the town of Manjimup, where agricultural land is dotted with magnificent karri trees (home of the internationally famous black truffle and the Pink Lady™ and Bravo™ apples).


Further south is Pemberton where the forest is more established, with many karri trees well over 300 years old (renowned for spectacular marron, potatoes, avocados and limes).


Towards the coast lies the scenic town of Northcliffe surrounded by towering forests and rich coastal plains and wetlands (recognised as prime grazing land that produces magnificent beef and dairy cattle).


Further south is Walpole, which is set on the tranquil waters of the Walpole Inlet (known for its honey and lush pastures that sustain quality livestock).


In what is a small pocket of Western Australia, the Southern Forests region is one of incredible variety and abundance whose status as one of the Australia’s premier food bowls is growing every day.


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Since its inception the Southern Forests Food Council has supported events throughout the region and also participated in events outside the region, with the aim of raising awareness for the genuine fresh local produce, grown by genuine down to earth locals.


The region's key food events include;

Manjimup Farmers Market,

Pinot Picnic,

Truffle Kerfuffle and

Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival.


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