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Dean and Julia Ryan are enthusiastic second-generation producers making some big changes to the way they farm the land and grow their fruits, vegetables, and meats. With over 50 years’ combined experience working on the farm, they sure know a thing or two when it comes to growing fresh quality produce.

Historically the Ryans are known for producing conventional potatoes and beef cattle. The family have diversified their offering to include certified organic avocados, gold Dori kiwi fruit, as well as grass fed Jersey beef and lamb.

Their picturesque property, Lake Janis Farm, is named after Dean’s mother Janis Ryan, a family matriarch. Lake Janis is an impressive water supply, situated off the Warren River in the locality of Quinninup. Lake Janis Farm comprises two brands, Lake Janis Organic, for the avocados, and Lake Janis Grassfed, for the Jersey beef and Ultrawhite lambs, plus the gold kiwifruit is sold under the Dori Australia brand.

Spread over 1,000 acres (387 Ha) of fertile land, the landscape comprises steep rolling hills, surrounded by Karri forests. It is the rich Karri loam soils, high quality water and a mild climate, that provide Dean and Julia with perfect growing conditions for their crops and livestock.

Dean and Julia have been working hard to create a production system based on remineralised fermented compost to effectively meet the crop and pasture nutrient needs. A pivotal moment in their farming careers has been discovering the power of biological and regenerative practices. Every production decision they make revolves around maximising nutrient density in their produce to have a positive impact on human health. Lake Janis Farm now utilises regenerative and holistic farming practices that aim to improve soil health by expanding biodiversity and remineralisation, increasing organic matter in soil structure, and transferring carbon from the atmosphere to the soil.

Dean and Julia are trailblazing the way for gold kiwi fruit production in Western Australia, as they are one of the first orchards in Western Australia to grow the Italian variety, Dori. In March 2022, the family harvested their first commercial crop, with their gold kiwifruit supplied throughout WA greengrocers.

In addition to the new produce lines, they have also installed two large centre pivots for irrigating pastures which allows them to supply grass fed meat year-round. The Lake Janis Grassfed Jersey beef and Ultrawhite lambs graze on remineralized multispecies pasture consisting of herbs, legumes and grasses.

Jersey cattle are known for their high-quality milk production, but they also make excellent beef, with a rich flavour that is both tender and incredibly creamy. Jersey beef is a niche, gourmet line that is positioned between Angus and Wagyu. Dean and Julia are the only people selling Jersey beef in WA.

When it comes to taste, grass fed Jersey beef has a distinct and delicious flavour that is richer and more complex than conventional beef. Jersey Beef has a distinctive yellow fat which is high in beta-carotenes, vitamin D and healthy omega 3 fats. The Jerseys are obtaining good marbling on their nutritious grassfed diet. They also grow much slower than your traditional breeds of cattle which means they pack in extra flavour.

The Lake Janis Grassfed lambs are an Ultrawhite meat breed, which are also self shedding, non mulsed and low maintenance. Their role is two pronged, as they also graze through the certified organic avocado orchard to help keep the grass and weeds down.

Lake Janis Farm are all about growing quality, nutritious produce with a niche edge through their unique regenerative production system. Watch this space as Dean and Julia Ryan seek to foster a connection with mindful consumers and help them understand the story and journey behind the fresh quality produce, cared for and grown at Lake Janis Farm.

Follow Lake Janis Farm on Instagram and Facebook for an insight in Dean and Julia's farming journey. Keen to try some of their Jersey beef? Check out the list of suppliers below.


The Cherry Box - Manjimup

Pemberton General Store - Pemberton


Crimea Quality Meats- Morley

Meat Lovers Paradise- Yokine

Melville Heights Meat Supply- Melville

RJ’s Quality Meat- Baldivis

South West Cheeky Butcher- Busselton

Tonys House of Tender Meats- Midland


Buckingham Quality Meats- Bunbury

Bully Butcher- Kingsley

Cowaramup Meat Specialists- Cowaramup

Cutting Edge Butchers- Ellenbrook

Jakes Continental Butchery- Bassendean

JB’s Quality Meats- Katanning

Meat & Mains- Mt Hawthorn

Spry’s Meat Market- Collie

Tenderspot Meat Co. – Port Hedland

The Butchers Hook- Armadale


Glens Gourmet Meats- Rockingham


Rockpool Bar & Grill – Perth

Two Little Blackbirds Café- Manjimup


Matters of Taste Providore


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