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20 tonnes delivered in weekly consignments since December 2018.

Demand for Genuinely Southern Forests’ Hass avocados is on the rise with international markets taking weekly shipments through the peak of the season. Starting in December last year, Southern Forests Food Council supply partner, Mercer Mooney sent over 20 tonnes of premium produce to Malaysia, with much greater quantities expected to be shipped in the future.

One of Australia’s largest fresh produce distributors, Mercer Mooney have over 100 years’ experience and an extensive international network, which is ideal for developing export opportunities for Southern Forests producers. “Our customer in Malaysia has stated that they could easily have taken 6-8 times more than what we were supplying them on a weekly basis. However, through our communications, they now understand the long term plan, and are aware of the rapid growth that awaits the Australian avocado industry. They have expressed their excitement of purchasing more Western Australian Hass avocados in the coming seasons,” said Mercer Mooney Export Manager, Ethan Lulham.

“Prior to meeting with Mercer Mooney and the Southern Forests Food Council at Asia Fruit Logistica they had been purchasing 100% of their avocados from Mexico – which immediately made our job difficult given the difference in landed price quotations. From the first consignment they rapidly increased their order to the point where we almost immediately couldn’t keep up. I have had many messages from the customer’s head buyer, thanking me for providing them with a premium product that sells itself,” said Ethan.

As the avocado season winds down, the Southern Forests Food Council continues to work towards creating opportunities for its local producers. That includes offering its members a range of links to supply partners for local, domestic and international trade, as well as many more member benefits.

"The Food Council has developed extensive supply networks including wholesale market floors in WA, NSW and Victoria, a WA partner for the food service industry, access to regional WA retail outlets, and a partner focused on export supply opportunities,” says new Southern Forests Food Council General Manager Stephen Sharpe.

“Our region has some of the most premium foods in the world and we are confident that export, as well as domestic sales, will continue to grow into the future,” said Stephen.

Image: Craig Kinder

Contacts: Please contact Georgia Thomas on 0431444918 or Website: Facebook: Genuinely Southern Forests Instagram: @genuinelysouthernforests

Southern Forests Food Council: The Southern Forests Food Council was founded in 2010 by a group of passionate local producers who recognised that the wealth and abundance of produce grown in the region made it perfect for major food production and agri-tourism. Its role was formalised in 2012 after receiving a $5 million investment under the State Government’s Royalties for Regions initiative. The investment is part of a $7 million Royalties for Regions allocation to the Shire of Manjimup for its Agricultural Expansion Project. The SFFC received further funding in 2018 of $1.5 million to support the Council’s on-going activities in developing economic opportunities for the region.

The Food Council is committed to unifying the area’s world-class and diverse producers to strengthen the region’s economy, attract investment and export opportunities, promote regional pride, and create sustainable jobs. It represents local producers, culinary and agri-tourism operators who live and work in what is WA’s premier food bowl, aiming to ultimately establish the Southern Forests as an internationally-recognised agricultural region and culinary tourism destination.

The Southern Forests produces over 50 different types of fruits and vegetables, truffles and boutique produce, dairy, sheep, pork and cattle farms, as well as award-winning wineries and exceptional culinary experiences. The Southern Forests region is heavily invested in agriculture, with $230 million of agricultural production coming from the region.

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