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Hong Kong consumers will get a taste of the Southern Forests with a shipment of Granny Smith apples scheduled to arrive following dispatch from Manjimup via Fremantle this morning.

The 40 foot container holds 1200 Genuinely Southern Forests branded cartons, with majority of the 90,000 apples also carrying the Genuinely Southern Forests labels, a key selling point to the order request.

Executive Chairman of the Southern Forests Food Council Bevan Eatts said the Food Council, and in particular John Kilrain, had worked extremely hard with its members to consolidate the order request with a number of growers supplying fruit of all sizes.

“We have been undertaking export development discussions for the past couple of years and through our export partnership with Allstates Farms coming to fruition, the Food Council now has the ability to export a variety of Southern Forests produce, including these apples, to international markets.”

The Southern Forests provides 50% of Western Australia’s total apple production. With domestic apple pricing this season at an unsustainable price point for growers, the shipment is a significant achievement for the region.

“This order should give growers confidence in the fact that export opportunities do exist. The Food Council is in the unique position to have the ability to work with buyer requests as they are presented, and our partnership with Allstates Farms provides the avenue to supply these requests.” said Mr Eatts.

The Southern Forests region includes the towns of Manjimup, Pemberton, Northcliffe and Walpole resulting in an extensive range of over 50 fruits and vegetables grown by member producers with variety of produce including apples, avocados, brassica, stone fruit and potatoes in addition to value added grocery products including honey, wine, green tea and sparkling juices.

A Committee of Management, together with Southern Forest Food Council staff, bring the region’s world- class and varied produce to domestic and overseas markets; and play an integral role in unifying the area’s diverse producers to strengthen economic performance, attract further investment, create sustainable employment and promote regional pride.


For further information contact:

Bevan Eatts - SFFC Executive Chairman 0419 811 823 or email

Images (above): Granny Smith apples packed and ready for the shipment. The apples were ordered with the specific request for Genuinely Southern Forests branded cartons. Southern Forests apple grower Nick Markovski.

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