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Travellers seeking a taste of the good life will have the opportunity to meet genuine down-to-earth farmers of the Southern Forests whilst walking amongst fruit trees, experiencing the unique harvesting technique for truffles, sharing pastures with some of the happiest chooks in the Southern Forests and best of all, tasting genuine fresh, local, seasonal Southern Forests produce.

Developed by the Southern Forests Food Council the Genuinely Extraordinary Southern Forests Food & Farm Experience are a partnership and community based collaboration comprising of market ready operators across the tourism, hospitality, agricultural, horticultural and aquaculture industries across the Southern Forests region.

With recent figures released by Tourism WA demonstrating that Western Australia is enjoying an increase of 9 per cent in overseas visitors, the tours are aimed at providing a genuine, down-to-earth offering to the emerging, mature and developing culinary tourism seekers.

Executive Chairman of the Southern Forests Food Council Bevan Eatts believes the strength of the Genuinely Extraordinary Southern Forests Food & Farm Experience offering lies in the diversity of the itinerary, coupled with access to producers that ordinarily would not be possible, with some stops getting beyond farm gates generally not open to the public.

“We have worked very closely with our members in creating a schedule that works around working farms, processing facilities, accommodation and dining providers, our local farmer’s market weekends and produce seasonality and availability.

Our capacity to be adaptable, update the tours to reflect seasonal activity on farms and have new members volunteer to come on board the itinerary will keep each tour genuine, unique and extremely enjoyable for all taking part.”

The Genuinely Extraordinary Southern Forests Food & Farm Experience is a 5 day, 4 night all-inclusive tour with motel accommodation, transport in the region, and local representatives to help you enjoy your own genuine taste experience. The tours will run monthly, across the first weekend of the month commencing Friday 1 September 2017.

For further information or to make a booking visit


For further information contact: Bevan Eatts - SFFC Executive Chairman 0419 811 823 or email

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