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A new partnership underway with Perth based wholesaler getFresh Merchants is set to further strengthen the supply chain to WA’s hospitality industry sector following requests from small, medium and large scale operators to access the regions produce from the Genuinely Southern Forests market floor in Canning Vale.

GetFresh Merchants Operations Manager, Buyer and ex Chef Michael Curedale said, “We’ve received a lot of interest from Chefs. They want to know they are supporting the farmers directly. They are also often looking for smaller quantities and for interesting and unique produce such as feijoas or finger limes, but do not have the time to source directly from the grower.”

He continued, “The Genuinely Southern Forests market floor has opened the door for producers of all sizes from the region, and it’s exciting we can now see and purchase such an array of products - from green tea, honey and buckwheat through to your staples of potatoes, brassica’s, apples and berries right through to distinctive and often short season produce offerings.”

The market floor was officially launched in January this year with strong support by producers and buyers that continue to exceed the Southern Forests Food Council’s initial expectations.

The Food Council was established following a $5 million dollar investment under the State Government’s Royalties for Regions scheme but has always aimed to be self-sustaining in the long term. The partnership with Allstates Farms in establishing the dedicated Genuinely Southern Forests market floor has resulted in producers from across the region supplying their produce through the market floor and the partnership with getFresh Merchants presents wider opportunities within the food service and hospitality sectors.

Southern Forests Food Council Chairman Bevan Eatts welcomes the partnership saying, “GetFresh Merchants philosophy of supplying their clients with seasonal fresh produce, having relationships with the grower behind the produce and passing that knowledge on and into the kitchen is of great value.”

Bevan continued, “We are regularly bringing the Allstates market floor salesmen to the region to meet with growers. They are able to see firsthand where the produce they are selling is coming from, while further strengthening relationships between the growers, the region and wider community with market floor staff. This knowledge is also communicated to wholesale buyers including getFresh.”

The Southern Forests region includes the towns of Manjimup, Pemberton, Northcliffe and Walpole resulting in an extensive range of over 50 fruits and vegetables grown by member producers with variety of produce including apples, avocados, brassica, stone fruit and potatoes in addition to value added grocery products including honey, wine, green tea and sparkling juices.

A Committee of Management, together with Southern Forest Food Council staff, bring the region’s world-class and varied produce to domestic and overseas markets; and play an integral role in unifying the area’s diverse producers to strengthen economic performance, attract further investment, create sustainable employment and promote regional pride.

GetFresh Merchants are able to supply Genuinely Southern Forests produce State-wide.

For further information contact:

Bevan Eatts

SFFC Executive Chairman

0419 811 823 or email

Michael Curedale

getFresh Merchants

0488 112 553 or email

Stephen Kahl

getFresh Merchants

0488 112 381 or email

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