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One of Manjimup’s newest family food businesses began after being inspired by a podcast on exotic mushrooms. Jess and Adam Broad had long wanted to start a business together and after six months of extensive research and considerable amounts of advice they began Southern Forest Fungi.

Jess is part of the third generation of the Guadagnino family who settled in Manjimup from Italy, and has always enjoyed the community spirit involved in food and farming businesses in the town. Adam was originally a butcher by trade and became interested in the health benefits and other properties of edible fungi.

Since the business launched, Southern Forest Fungi have been overwhelmed by the response from customers. Taking part in the chef tour hosted by the Southern Forests Food Council, Jess and Adam were delighted with the enthusiasm from those in the food industry. “The support and encouragement we received from one day alone was quite overwhelming,” Jess said. “We very much look forward to events like this in the future.” While it is very time consuming and the operation has taken over much of the house, one of the most enjoyable parts of the business is the interest Jess and Adam’s two children have shown. “One of the most rewarding things is the idea you are leaving a legacy for your kids to enjoy,” said Jess.

Visit the Southern Forests Fungi facebook page here.

Photography by Craig Kinder Photography for Genuinely Southern Forests.


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